My Work

Picture of a mountain climbers app

Mountain Climbers App

Here i've visualised a app that is intented to help mountain climbers get access to key information more easily

Picture of a apple website

Coding the Apple website

Fully responsive copy of the Apple website

Picture of De Bibliotheek App

De Bibliotheek

Created a prototype for De Bibliotheek where kids can rent a book

Picture of Javascript assignment


First year assignment where i learned the fundamentals of Javascript

Picture of the website Holten Huus

Holten Huus

Holiday home website where guests can take a look at the house and make reservations.

About me

foto van Fabian Vis

My name is Fabian Vis, I'm 23 years old and currently in my second year of Communication and Multimedia design at de Hoge school van Amsterdam. This education focusses on UX design, digital design and visual design. Before i started my current study i got my degree as applicatie ontwikkelaar at Nova College Haarlem. This was a 3 year long education where i learned a lot about HTMl, C#, PHP, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript. During this study i also had 2 internships where i got some work experience. It was a this study that i realized that i had a passion for coding and decided to develop myself more.

During my internships i discovered that when i'm working alone i can focus the most. This is because when i'm stuck on something i want to figure it out which pushes me and gives me energy. This does not mean that i don't want to work in groups. With my internships and with school projects i actually worked a lot in groups. I can listen to feedback from others and learned how to give valuable feedback.

In my free time i love to exercise. At home i go to the gym to work on my physique. When i go on vacation i tend to go to country's with a lot of mountains. I love to hike in the mountains because i enjoy the environment and the beautiful view ofcourse! When i'm hiking i love that you are sort of sperated from the outside world.

I also love to play video games. The genres i play the most are MOBA's like League of Legends and MMORPGS like World of Warcraft. You can also find me on most festivals like DEFQON 1 and WOO HAH.

foto van Fabian Vis in de bergen

Here is one of my playlist on spotify that i listen to a lot. This playlist is mostly rap but i also listen to a lot of the harder styles and occasionally some house.

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